Irish Dancing - the legend of Riverdance

Irish Dancing hit the big time back in 1994 when one small but spectacular interval act during that years Eurovision Song contest burst on to the stage. A short but rousing Irish dance routine brought the audience to their feet and the phenomenon of Riverdance was born. Created by Moya Doherty and her husband John McColgan, with lead dancers Jean Butler and Michael Flatley this dramatic and original adaptation of traditional Irish music and dancing is still thrilling audiences from Dublin to Tokyo some 16 years later....

Irish Dancing

We Irish are still so, so proud of Riverdance that just hearing the music, and the smart, snappy steps of the dancers tapping in unison in the build up to that finale is enough to make the hairs stand up on our necks and reduce us to tears....

River Dance

The nearest most of us had ever gotten prior to Riverdance’s success was after school Irish dancing lessons that were more often endured then enjoyed, it's difficult and certainly not for anyone with two left feet! If you were good, very good, you got to dress up in lovely embroidered tweed dresses with celtic designs and capes, have your hair put in ringlets and compete in the Feis, which were regional competitions. The boys would wear kilts and blazers, and brogue style shoes with big shiny buckles.

Michael Flatley

Not exactly the image one conjures up of Michael Flately, who left Riverdance to create his own fantastically successful Lord of the Dance company and whose legs are insured for millions....

All of a sudden Irish dancing was beyond sexy....and potentially lucrative and it focused worldwide attention on one small, green but incredibly talented country.

Long may it continue.....

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