Luxury Guided Tour of Ireland's Hidden Gems with Irish expert Susan Byron - New Tour Dates announced for 2018 - 2017 Tour Dates Sold Out

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Ireland's Hidden Gems is an independent Ireland travel website written by Irish travel writer, photographer and adventurer Susan Byron a native of Dublin, now living on the West Coast of Ireland in County Clare. It is designed to highlight only the very best of what Ireland has to offer the independent traveller or curious web browser and is about quality not quantity. Which is why my recommendations are limited to the Top 10 in each category rather than a dubious list of multiple hit or miss choices. These recommendations are based on nine years of extensive, personal research and a lifetime of experience as a proud citizen of Ireland....

Ireland Travel Gems

The Hidden Gems are those little known, extra special places or those other interesting Things to Do and See around Ireland that you won't find in any of the regular guidebooks. These are listed separately at the bottom of each page. For example, did you know that near the Cliffs of Moher there is an ancient holy well named after St Brigid who was a Celtic Goddess long before she was credited with being a Christian saint! A golden beach at Fanore from the Irish 'Fáinne an Óir' which means Ring of Gold, boat trips to the Aran Islands not to mention some of the best surfing and traditional music in the West of Ireland....

Guided Tours of Ireland

2017 is going to be very exciting as Ireland's Hidden Gems is going on tour ! Yes, I will be extending the hand of welcome to anyone who would like to join on a magcial Guided Tour of Ireland this summer. I am dying to show off the real Ireland, especially those Hidden Gems that I am so passionate about and can guarantee plenty of good times, along the way. We will be visiting all of the best sites and seeing the most spectacular scenery, while staying in lovely hotels, eating the finest food and immersing ourselves in Irish culture, life is local in Ireland after all....

Ireland Travel Guides

In addition to the website, I have written (and update annually) my Treasure Ireland series of Irish Travel Guides which are available as eBooks (to facilitate website links, Google Maps and dozens of original photographs) on Amazon

Amazon publications

Ireland's Hidden Gems - Travel Guide 2016 contains Top 10 Listings of all the best places to Eat and Stay, Things To Do and Places to See in Ireland. As well as a fool proof 7-10 day touring itinerary and all the other practical information you need to know about planning a Trip to Ireland

Ireland's Hidden Gems - Things To Do 2016 contains the Top 10 listings of the best (not necessarily the obvious) Visitor Attractions complete with 10 Hidden Gems at each location, with Google maps and clickable links for further information, ticket prices, opening times etc.

Ireland's Hidden Gems - Places To See 2016 is all about those extra special, off the beaten track places, that most tourists never ever get to see, much less experience while they are in Ireland. Many are wildly scenic and absolutely authentic pockets of Irish culture.

Ireland's Hidden Gems - a Guide to the Islands I am often asked where are most beautiful parts of Ireland and truthfully many of them are on the islands. So, try to factor in a visit to at least one of them if you can you certainly won't regret it! 

All four are available from Amazon and can be downloaded to your kindle, laptop, tablet or smartphone and which I hope will inspire you if you decide to travel to Ireland as some point in the future.

Tailor made Itineraries

I also write and have had a lot of fun creating Tailor Made Itineraries for clients and their families over the last few years, many of whom have distant links with Ireland and are curious to travel and see where their ancestors might have hailed from, often reigniting family relationships. You can be absolutely sure someone will have "picked spuds" with their father or grandfather!  And while Ireland is a small country, there is an awful lot to see and do, which can be quite overwhelming for some people, luckily I am here to help and am happy to work with my client's wish list. To read more about how that works please click on the following link Planning a Trip to Ireland? 

Get in Touch

Finally, if you would like regular updates on what is happening in Ireland travel wise, why not join me on Facebook where there is a fun conversation about Ireland happening globally, 24/7! Feel free to join in or contact by phone or email, as I am always delighted to hear from anybody with an interest in Ireland. It might take me a day or two to get back to you but I always do answer every email or message personally. Go n'eirí an t'ádh leat - Good luck and I hope to see you very soon in Ireland ! Susan Byron

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