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A Full Irish breakfast has to be seen to be believed, ask anywhere for a ‘full Irish’ and they will know exactly what you mean, but nowhere more so than in an Irish Bed and Breakfast where it is always included in the price of your overnight stay. It is the stuff of legend and will certainly keep you going all day and while we certainly would not eat a ‘full’ Irish breakfast ’ everyday, we consider it a great treat on a Sunday or while on holidays, especially if someone else is cooking it! Traditionally fried, but now more likely to be grilled, an Irish wink at healthy eating, it comprises of pale or smoked rashers of bacon, sausages, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggs cooked whichever way you would like them. With fresh orange juice to start and toast, homemade brown soda bread or scones, and plenty of tea or coffee it is a meal fit for a king...

Of course you don’t have to partake of the ‘full Irish’ there are plenty of smaller, healthier alternatives such as porridge, drizzled with fresh cream and honey or homemade mueslis and granolas with locally sourced organic yoghurts and fresh fruit compotes. Breakfasts have evolved over the years to visitors tastes, which is why you will find a huge variety on offer. A firm favourite and an Irish Bed and Breakfast’s trademark is its homemade soda bread and fruit scones, which are quicker and easier, put together than a run to the shops. Brown bread, made from wholemeal flour, buttermilk and bread soda was a staple of Irish diets similar to porridge, made from oats, which is enjoying a huge revival due to its high glycaemic index with record sales during the last couple of snowy winters. Many Bed and Breakfast owners can whip up brown bread and scones in a couple of minutes and will be happy for you to watch or join in on a session, but don’t be surprised if they don’t weigh or measure anything, it is a skill that has been passed down through generations which we are more than happy to share.

Irish soda bread

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