Things To Do in Ireland?

The recently published ‘official’ list of Things To Do ie Top Irish visitor attractions leaves most of us (those in the know) scratching our heads and wondering why or how some of them even made the cut? As is often the case the 'must see sights’ in any country (but most especially in Ireland) are the very ones to avoid? No prudent independent traveller wants to be ripped off or more importantly, waste their precious holiday time on over-rated tourist traps that should have been closed down a long time ago. Which would certainly be no real loss considering we now have world class attractions such as the Glasnevin Museum, Blackrock Observatory and Irish Museum of Country Life (free) running alongside such stalwarts as the Guinness Storehouse, Bunratty Castle & Folk Park and the Cliffs of Moher. Buts there’s even more and dare I say better to be found (depending on your interests) throughout Ireland.

Clare Island Sheep

Beauties like Beaulieu House, warm favourites Foxford Woollen Mills, the Foynes Flying Boat Museum and the wacky West Clare Railway. Take your pick from over 100 listed on all of which have been independently visited, reviewed and photographed. Only the very best passes the test in terms of value for money and quality of experience. Which is why the listings are limited to the Top 10 in each of the categories ie Landscapes, History & Castles, Sacred Places, Culture & Tradition, Museums and Galleries. It keeps everybody on their toes (including me) and ensures you the visitor of a top quality experience of Ireland....

So if you dont want to follow the flock....

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