Boutique Hotels

Hmm.... what exactly are boutique hotels? the ones with the coolest decor, the hippest to hang out in, designer spas with must-have treatments or the uber-chic as they say city hotels close to the said boutiques of girly weekend shopping desire? The G Hotel in Galway is a combination of all of the above & more.... designed by our own Philip Treacy, extravagant hat designer to the stars, it is a delicious confection in pink, purple and swarovski crystals ....

The G Hotel,  Galway, Silver Lounge

But like the supermodels themselves there are always new and prettier models coming onstream, The Dylan is a trail blazer likewise The Beacon which is almost too convenient for Dundrum Shopping Centre. The super cool Ice House located, literally on the edge of the river Moy with newbies snapping at their heels constantly. They herald a new era of interior design where pretty much anything can be expected but they are fresh and new or as they say hip and happening all over Ireland, so why not 'bag' yourself a bargain at one of the ultra stylish boutiques listed below.

Gilded chair

The 10 Best Boutique Hotels in Ireland are.....

1 The G Hotel Galway, supermodel chic designed by Philip Treacy.

2 The Ice Hotel Ballina, cool waterside setting on the river Moy.

3 The House Galway, Graham Knuttel cat themed it will have you purring with delight.

4 Morrison Dublin, very Sex-in-the-City, a great place for cocktails before hitting the town.

5 The Dylan Dublin, a trail blazer....for sure.

6 No 1 Pery Square Limerick, georgian elegance with a twist.

7 The Twelve Hotel Barna, Galway, ideal for touring Connemara or the designer outlet on its doorstep.

8 Wineport Lodge venue for wanabee celebrity chefs and fantastic food always.

9 The Beacon Dublin, so handy for Harvey Nichols...

10 The Clarence Bono and the boys hotel, need we say more?