Burren Outdoor Centre

If you think the closest you will ever get to climbing Mount Everest or Sailing Around-the-World is watching it on the telly, then think again? The Burren Outdoor Education Centre in County Clare is offers exciting little taster sessions, at very reasonable rates. You can try your hand at rock climbing, caving or sea kayaking for just a day or even a half a day if you fancy? No signing up for a string of expensive lessons that, if it is anything like my gym membership that goes by the wayside, before the second payment has even gone through or after the initial surge of enthusiasm has worn off.

You don’t have to buy any expensive ‘gear’ either, fun and all that that is, wandering around the Great Outdoors(we are talking the shop here not some polar expedition) trying to look knowledgeable when it is really bewilderment? Like you could really cut the mustard if you just had the exact right piece of kit? These guys have everything you need from wet-suits to helmets and they know how to use them....

Because with the best will in the world, if you have been sitting behind a desk for the rest of the year, hauling your body up a mountain, down a cave or out onto the bold blue yonder, hey and nothing competes with seeing terra firma from water level, can take its toll. You are so much less likely to strain yourself (I like the sound of that) with some proper instruction and clear direction, when you are not reading from a palm pilot.With over 20 years experience of teaching people of all ages, the Burren Outdoor Education Centre has an unblemished safety record.

Caving in Ireland

It is ideal too if you are on holidays or short on time and your other half fancies an afternoon ‘off’ reading chick lits and drinking white wine, leave him at it.... And phone up the Burren Outdoor Centre on 00353-65-7078066 to see what is available and when, sessions, can change with the weather and tides obviously. The sense of satisfaction that comes from doing any of the above activities lifts you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary as you discover parts of Ireland you are never going to see or experience otherwise, so what are you waiting for? 1,2,3.....

Rock Climbing in Ireland

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