Camping Caravans Motorhomes

Camping caravans motorhomes are obviously the cheapest option. Basically you can pitch up anywhere you fancy in Ireland apart from some seaside car parks which will display a sign against overnight stays, but you are better off to go to an organised site for your own safety and to have the use of bathroom facilities. Caravan parks here were traditionally seaside retreats outside of large towns where Mammy and the kids would head off to on school holidays. Mostly private owned small communities were formed and continued through generations, much like cruisers on the Shannon.

irish traffic jam

Foreign visitors typically arrive in their own self contained motorhomes which is a flexible way of seeing the country but not a great way of experiencing it, if you never eat, drink or have the craic with the locals. And please spare a thought for those same locals en route to school or work and pull over! By all means take your time, admire the view, that is what you are here for, but Irelands back roads are very often long, twisty, narrow and go on for miles..... so be conscious and courteous of ordinary people going about their living and let them pass please....

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