Sexy City Hotels

It seems everyone wants to stay in one of Ireland's larger towns or cities during their trip to Ireland if the volume of emails I receive is anything to go by? And please do not choose an airport hotel in either Shannon or Dublin, honestly it is not necessary. Both are very close to Limerick or Dublin, with good connections so you might as well make the most of your holiday and grab another night on the town! City hotels for me have to be in the city centre, who wants to waste time or money on taxis, with nice size rooms, that are not extortionate with safe, reasonably priced car parking (preferably free) underground or close-by....

Meyrick Hotel Galway

Thankfully we have a rash of executive styled 4 star city hotels in Ireland that are competing against each other, so there are great deals to be had? Again, I have chosen the 10 best for you so you will not end land up in a dodgey area, or be stuck on the outskirts of town with a view of the bins or worse? Or in a part of town that is so busy that you wont get a wink of sleep all night? All 10 listed in my eBook are excellent with a cute Irish character all of their own and excellent service. But as always, if you do encounter any problems please let me know and I will get it sorted asap.

My current favourite is Benedicts Hotel in Belfast's Shaftesbury Square, Belfast City. They do an original champagne Sunday special offer of £69 which includes B&B for two with a bottle of Moet, which sounds good to me, excellent location, close to all the sights and shopping....

The Limerick Strand Hotel is just one of the Top 10 Sexy City Hotels recommended in my eBook Where to Eat, Sleep & Play in Ireland - 2013

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