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If you ask for an Irish beer in Ireland you are going to be looked at very strangely? 9 times out of 10 what visitors are looking for is not an Irish beer but a Guinness. And while we are at it? theres no such thing as a 'Guinness' you have to order a glass or a pint? And by the way it's okay not to like it? its an acquired taste we have been acquiring now for some 250 years, so dont bother 'nursing' it drink it down or leave it, there are plenty of other options see below.

How to tell a good pint of Guinness? Watch how its pulled it has to be allowed settle and then topped up or have 'a head put on it' and settle again. Guinness was not invented for impatient people or for anyone in a hurry, its an art. Celebrating 250 years of tradition in 2009, visitors are very curious and rightly so about ‘the black stuff’ or ‘the pint of plain’ probably because to them Guinness is synonomous with Ireland yet is known worldwide. Yet no matter what tricks they try to transport it by kegs, bottle or fancy cans I defy you to find an Irishman or woman who has ever had a better pint in Dubai, Sydney or Chicago then in Dublin. We might not know the day of the week sometimes but every Dubliner or Irishman knows where to get the best pint and will never stray to far from their favourite local.......

Pint of Guinness

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