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The Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA as it is known here in Ireland, is the body of national sports including football, hurling and camogie. Each year a major inter-county championship takes place with the final being held in Croke Park for the most coveted of prizes the Sam Maguire Cup.

Each county gets behind their team and if they manage to reach the final all hell breaks loose, especially if that team has not been in the running for a while. Cars, houses even animals get painted in the team colours. Visitors are often amazed at the variety of flags and banners displayed, which reaches fever pitch towards the end of September.

Irish Hurling Clare Team

The man who started it all was Michael Cusack, who was born in Carron, a highly intelligent man and well educated teacher believed that ‘the strength and liberty of a nation depends on the education of its people’ and that sport was essential. He founded the Gaelic Athletic Association in 1884.

Apparently, before that there were no proper rules or regulations? that the players made them up as they went along, some would say they still do?

Nevermind, it makes for great and passionate Irish sport

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