Jolly Roger Pub - Sherkin Island, County Cork

Yo, Ho, Ho and a bottle of rum, I must admit the Jolly Roger sounded a bit naff to me on first approach but I have to say I haven’t had as much craic, a warmer welcome or better seafood in a long time anywhere in Ireland ! Having taken the (10 minute) ferry across Roaring Water Bay from Baltimore Harbour to Sherkin Island earlier we had spent a very pleasant morning rambling around the narrow roads, looking in over the stone walls at cute little cottages, a mixture of lobster pots, rusty cars and fuchsia. We were (busy) idling about the pristine beaches of the south west end of the island looking out towards Cape Clear when the clouds came scudding in from the West, so we beat a hasty retreat for shelter and food in the nearest pub (as you do) Gareth, the barman settled us in quickly with a drink while we perused the menu in the company of several other hearty hikers who were already enjoying big bowls of steaming garlic mussels and brown bread....

Jolly Roger Pub, Sherkin Island, Cork

I had heard about the legendary lobster at the Jolly Roger being the freshest in Ireland? Apparently they take about 20 minutes (and then some) from ordering because himself has to run down to the Dock, haul one out of a lobster pot and bring it back up for you to be cooked. You don’t get much fresher than that and besides what hurry was on us? Sure if we didn’t get the next ferry wasn’t there another one in an hours time...or tomorrow if it came to that!
Having dispatched the chef to do his duty, we tucked into a couple of bowls of chowder to sustain us in the meantime. Now I have to say and there is much debate going on about this ever since on Facebook but in my opinion the chowder here is THE BEST in Ireland (and I should know having drunk gallons of the stuff on my travels about Ireland). When I quizzed French chef Jean about the ingredients, he listed them all off (in French) so I am still none the wiser but it was the twist of cayenne pepper at the end that sealed the deal for me...

Seafood Chowder at the Jolly Roger Pub, Sherkin Island, County Cork

The Jolly Roger is open 7 days a week, and is just a short 10 minute (€10 return) ferry ride out from Baltimore, in West Cork

The Jolly Roger is just one of the Top 10 Irish Gastro Pubs listed in my best selling Irish Travel Guide on Where to Eat, Sleep & Play in Ireland 2014

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